Designer Eyewear

Handmade in Italy

At Yuill's of Lanark we can provide stylish eyewear from Italy and around the world.

As independent opticians in Lanark we offer eye examinations and exclusive luxury eyewear.

Why not visit our shop in Lanark to view some of our carefully selected designer eyewear. We avoid mainline brands with mass produced frames. We love to help our clients feel healthy, happy, and comfortable with their eyewear.

Many of our designer frames are handmade in Italy with a focus on style and individuality.

Your sight is precious and deserves the highest level of care.

Our friendly team and excellent standards make your experience at Yuill's of Lanark so different and personal.

Yuill's of Lanark

Bespoke Designer Eyewear

Eyeglasses designed by l.a.Eyeworks are immediately recognized for their bold shapes, imaginative handling of materials, and expressive use of color. Working from deep intuition, McReynolds and Gherardi begin each of their limited-edition designs with a hand-drawn sketch, the first step on a path of meticulous production where the finest materials are shaped by a combination of technology and hand-finished crafting. Every aspect of an eyeglass frame's shaping and construction has at one time or another been re-thought and re-invented as part of the designers' restless imaginations. The result is an expanding legacy of glasses that balances innovation with wearability, walking a fine line between optical tradition and a redefining expression of the now. Although l.a.Eyeworks have graced the faces of celebrities, performers, artists, and athletes, the deeper intention is for you to find a frame that conforms to no fashion sensibility but your own.

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I.A. Eyeworks
I.A. EyeworksI.A. Eyeworks

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